Agloe, 2015

Gallerie Pierre, Taichung (TW)

Film by Su Yu Hsin

Agloe is a site specific installation that samples the surrounding landscape at a one-to-one scale, spread across an area of 100m x 100m and to be displayed indoors on a five-by-five grid. Through casts of the surfaces on these particular points, the installation surveys the surrounding landscape to questions the state of existence of a place, using gathered fractions as the evidence to form an abstract yet sensorial chart of the locality.

Agloe takes inspiration form the birth of Agloe, a small town in New York, which the existential sequence between a map and its charted perspective fascinated me: In 1937, New York General Drafting Company made up a fictitious place at the crossing of two dirt roads and named it ‘Agloe’ as a copyright trap. Some decades later, Agloe became a real town with a small population, facilitated with a gas station and a convenient store, only because the map has a label on a location.