The Sea Rises and Totally Still, 2019

Dalsbruk (FI)
Fabric, boiled seawater, salt, chalk
Curated by Erica Yu-Wen Huang & Nina-Maria Oförsagd for Sea Views
Photography by Cheng Jen-Pei & Chen Yi-Wen

Maps, as cultural artefacts, consist of ever-shifting sediments deposited by human desire, imagination and expectation. Their deceptive air of stability rests, for the most part, on the specific language of map making.

Positioning itself on the expanse of Finnish archipelagos, The Sea Rises and Totally Still reflects on the idea that when the world is ‘fully codified and collated... a sense of loss arises.’ (Alistair Bonnett) and allows the precise representation - a trick of the trade - to dissolve and to reconcile with its surroundings.