We Move Silently Towards the Far Shore, 2019

Van Eyck, Maastricht (NL)

Photography by Rain Wu & Romy Finke

We Move Silently Towards the Far Shore reflects on Rain Wu’s time at the Van Eyck where she continuously experimented with food as an edible sculptural material. Working with the aesthetic language and embedded meanings of food, she built upon her previous ‘bread paintings’ (Open Studios 2018) to explore the qualities of rice paper outside the context of dining, into a world that is ephemeral, fragile, tactile and sensual. She played with the indeterminacy of the material, stretching the possibilities of it in intuitive and playful ways.

This piece is particularly relevant to her time at the Van Eyck, where she valued instinctive decisions in the work process as much as control, forging thoughts both with her head and her hands.

With a material made of rice, that is common to many cultures but unconventional in the field of art, she welcomes the viewers to understand the piece across the disciplinary boundaries, that personal and visceral experiences as well as cultural readings are as valid as ones well-trespassed in art.